PRO-TIP #1: Your lens cost varies!

The lens type (single vision, progressive) lens material, treatment (tint, mirror, transitions). Additionally, the vision benefit provider has a rather complex “formulary” that determines how much you will pay vs what they will cover, and what the eye dr is reimbursed. Insider Tip: the eye dr has a monetary interest in what you select as they will get reimbursed differently (higher or lower) depending on what lens you select. They rarely discuss brands with you, they ask generic questions (anti-glare? scratch coating? reduced smudges?) and then exclaim, “you have great insurance!” I had VSP for many years and each time I bought glasses, that’s what I was told. I later learned that means they stand to receive a higher reimbursement amount based on the lens type. (I’m sure there are some folks who will disagree, but it’s the truth.)


As a consumer, you need to be equipped with the right questions to ask the eye doctor about what you will pay out of pocket and what influences those costs. The dr will select the best lens material for your Rx (it matters as does the frame type), but the final price will be a combination of the lens brand offered by your vision provider vs a branded lens, the lens material, and lens treatments selected. All three make a difference in the final price.


Happy shopping!



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