Project Delivery Solutions

Assess. Analyze. Maximize.

Our project delivery methodology assesses your Program Management Office (PMO), analyzes the gaps, and builds a strategy to align your program and portfolio with the pulse of the business. We maximize human capital and budgets to take on projects that deliver measurable results.

Project Delivery Organizations balance the expectations of the business with the reality of what their teams can deliver. As project management experts, we help you choose projects that yield the greatest results and meet your client expectations. Designing the right governance model, building an cohesive project team, and creating a culture of excellence is what we endeavor to do for your business.

Our Expertise

Program Management Office Transformation

A PMO is not “one size fits all.” We assess your project needs and design a project acceptance, review, delivery, and closure model tailored to meet your organizational goals.

Project Identification & Selection

With unlimited budget, anything is possible, but the toughest decision to make is which projects to green-light and which ones to cut. We create project assessment tools to help project leaders make objective decisions throughout the project lifecycle to maximize your spend.

Productivity Tools for Team Efficiency

Smartsheets. Microsoft Project. Google Sheets. Sharepoint. The list of tools for project management are endless. We assess your current productivity tools and select the combination for your project team to manage budget, resources, schedules, and tasks.

Project Governance Design & Implementation

Governance keeps your project on the rails and when issues arise, provides guidance for your project leaders to get things back on track. We create stage gate processes to help you determine what projects to accept, reject, and how they should be managed throughout the lifecycle.

Project Management Best Practices

Governance and best practices are two sides of the same coin: your PMO requires both to function smoothly. We apply best practices, checklists, and job aids for hiring and training project managers, leading project meetings, communicating with stakeholders, and leading a retrospective.

Process Mapping & Project Management Templates

We review your project portfolio to build process maps and create standard operating procedures (SoPs) for onboarding, mergers & acquisitions, software updates, and cross-functional team hand-offs.