Career Mentoring Strategies

The 5Cs of Career Ascension

We curate tools for emerging leaders of color to build career readiness, assess core strengths, and leverage mentorship to define their goals. We work with talented women of color and help them realize their potential for greater.
View the 5Cs of Career Ascension assessment and let us create a plan to transition team members to organizational leaders.

Emerging Talent. High Potentials.
Seasoned Professionals.

Your organization is teeming with the people you need to get the job done.
These team members are also your customers, and the greatest advocates to lift your organization.
If they are disengaged, they will leave, and word of mouth travels fast.
How do you keep them at your organization?
Offer them the tools they need to move up, around, and across the business.
– Give them access to decision-makers and influencers.
Create pathways for them to pitch ideas to meet business objectives.
Our focus is to elevate high-potential leaders of color through a formalized sponsorship program that will:
1. Engage Executive Leadership, Human Resources, and Business Resource Groups
2. Define acceptance criteria & rank high-potentials for sponsorship
3. Identify future leadership opportunities for program participants
4. Align outcomes to annual goal setting
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