Employee mental health is at a tipping point

Dear Pam,


Is HR aware that employee morale has been on a steady decline for the past 12 months? Between the pandemic, furloughs, and layoffs, Black people (especially) are traumatized. We’ve been fed a near daily diet of Black men, women, and youths murdered in the street, their homes, and public spaces by law enforcement or John Q Public. Prior to Christmas, the Covid death toll was 50,000 Black lives. We experience waves of social trauma and return to work like it’s just another Tuesday. The delayed response, if any, from our corporate leaders is abysmal. Our community is at a tipping point and we need this company to focus on employee mental health and wellness.


My peers are compartmentalizing racial trauma, social injustice, and health disparities, just to get through the day. Mental health professionals recommend EAP for depression, grief, and trauma relative to the death of loved ones, but what about the death of those who look like you? Who could be you? Our collective mental distress and emotional anxiety is rising.


Is HR dedicating funds toward Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) to cover more than 3 – 5 sessions? That does little more than scratch the surface of our emotions, leaving us bleeding. We need to extend our Diversity and Inclusion strategy to include mental health counselors that meet our race and gender needs.


While Mahogany Row Execs review sales reports and consider which facility to close next, my peers are hoping to miss the layoff blade.  On top of that, they’re are scared of “Rona” and the vaccine.  Should they take it, once available? If so, which one? How do they decide? If they opt out, will the company let them go? Stress overload. By the way, the daily tea says a return to the office is coming soon.


Just a little Real Talk for your Thursday.


Thanks Pam.

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